After years of listening to people rave about Rotolo’s Pizzeria in Thibodaux, my family and I finally decided to finally give it a try.

Located at 100 E. Bayou Road, the restaurant is in an area that my family visits frequently, but for some reason we never thought to eat there. After years of driving by Rotolo’s, we finally decided to stop by.

For our appetizer, we listened to the waitress’ advice and ordered the bruschetta, which ended up being the best bruschetta we’ve ever tasted. Even the bread itself, thin and crusted with cheese, tasted amazing. The topping, served in a separate cup, was absolutely spectacular. The tomatoes were fresh and bright and were soaked in olive oil and a myriad of herbs. We ate every drop!

The food was so delicious, and we wish they gave us more. Our order came with only five small slices of toasted bread and a little cup of topping, which barely satisfied the three of us.

Thankfully, the entrees were generously portioned. My muffaletta calzone, which I ordered because of the great reviews online, was big enough for two days worth of lunches. With a gorgeous herb-brushed gold crust and slits cut in the dough that revealed the cheesy, meaty inside, the calzone looked absolutely delicious.

Its looks did not deceive me; the calzone really tasted as good as it looked. The cheese inside was perfectly gooey, and the mix of meats worked really well together. Some of Rotolo’s calzones are served with a side of marinara sauce, and the sauce that came with mine really added freshness and zest to the dish. The crust was a little too soft and doughy for me, but it tasted good when dipped in the sauce.

To finish off our meal, we ordered the cinnabites, which are baked cinnamon sugar bites drizzled in sweet vanilla and caramel and topped with a scoop of ice cream. Though we already ate a lot of good food, we found space in our stomachs for these little sweet heavenly bites.

We left Rotolo’s wishing that we started going there sooner. Each course was delicious, and the wait staff was very nice. We also liked the view of Bayou Lafourche, especially because of the cute little duck family that decided to stop by. Instead of being a place we drive by on the way home, Rotolo’s will now be our destination for a good meal.